TCA’s youngest students begin their education in the ABeka curriculum. ABeka is unsurpassed in the area of phonics and reading. At The Conrad Academy, we use a hands-on approach with the ABeka curriculum from K-5 through 5th grade.  In addition to Abeka, our teachers use supplementary resources to meet the individuals needs of each student.

In Middle school and High school, we use a variety of curriculum. Textbooks have been carefully selected to insure that they meet the Florida Sunshine State Standards in each subject area. They are designed to meet the needs of a variety of students across all grade levels.  In 2024 we will be using Abeka, McGraw Hill, BJU and a few more.   At TCA, we use the SAT (Stanford Achievement Test). The SAT is a nationally referenced test that evaluates a student’s academic progress.

Dual enrollment is offered to High School students through our partnership with Seminole State College.  Students must have completed 1 high school credit course.  They must also have an unweighted GPA of 3.0.  Students can choose to take courses online or in person, TCA does not provide transportation to Seminole State College this is the responsibility of the parent to provide.  As part of Seminole State College requirements prospective students must pass a PERT exam.  This exam is taken at Seminole State College or they have an SAT score of 24 in Reading and 25 in Math.  More information can be given to prospective students/parents from Mrs. Hessinger.

Students who are looking for an academic challenge or a way to prepare themselves for a college or career can benefit from the variety of classes and programs that TCA offers. We are confident that our curriculum choices combined with carefully selected teachers prepares students for higher education and careers.