Important School Update


March 18, 2020

Good afternoon.

When was the last time you picked up a snow globe and enjoyed the beautiful look of snow falling around the original scenery? Our homes, our places of business, and our world have become a virtual snow globe. Although it may seem like our world is falling in pieces around us, you can be assured the pieces will soon fit together.  In the coming weeks a unique mosaic of resolve, commitment and compassion will be in our vision.  

State Mandates as of March 17:

All public and private K-12 and career and technical center campuses are closed through April 15, 2020.

To support students with identified IEP-related services who may have a disruption in services, school districts are given flexibility for the remainder of the school year to provide alternative services or delay services until later in the summer months, in coordination with a student’s parents and IEP team.

All remaining assessments for school readiness, voluntary prekindergarten and K-12 assessments are cancelled for the 2019-2020 school year.

Requirements for graduation and promotion, and final course grades will be evaluated as though those assessments which were cancelled did not exist.

The Commissioner may reduce required instructional hours as necessary to accommodate for closures.

Commissioner Corcoran strongly recommend school readiness and voluntary prekindergarten programs adhere to the CDC’s guidance for higher-risk populations by limiting students and employees to no more than 10 people convening in a single occupied space, therefore breaking students into groups as necessary, maintaining social distancing best practices and proper hygiene.

Preschool & VPK Parents:

The last bullet point is particularly important to our VPK students and parents. VPK programs have not been cancelled.  

VPK classes will be open on Monday, March 23, for both morning and afternoon sessions.  

The Early Learning Coalition and other entities are discussing a new attendance policy. We will notify you when we have more information.

Preschool programs will remain open. There has been no disruption in our preschool program, and we do not see a daycare closure coming in the future. 

Classes will be reduced to 9 students and 1 teacher, in order to not exceed the CDC’s guidelines. Unless DCF guidelines dictate a smaller class.

The Conrad Academy’s Response:

Preschool & VPK Parents:

Our Preschool Director, Ms. Michelle, will send a followup email with more details later today.

Academy Parents, K-5 – 5th grade:

At this time we have do not have details for attendance requirements, however, we have been encouraged to seek ways to continue educating students.  

Soaring Eagles Camp will be offered to students in K-5 through 5th grade, based on availability.  March 23 through April 9, 2020.

Students currently enrolled in self-contained classrooms will receive an email from your teachers giving direction on camp-based learning and online options.

Hours: 8:00am – 2:00pm at no cost. Instruction hours are 9:00am – 2:00pm. 

Extended day hours from 7:00am – 8:00am and 2:00pm – 5:30pm are offered at the rate of $5.00 p/hour. This service is limited to students currently enrolled in extended day who attend Soaring Eagles Camp.

Breakfast will be served in the small group room beginning at 8:00am and ending at 9:00am.

Lunch will be provided and an afternoon snack.

Registration is required by Friday, March 20 at noon. (click here for the form)

All classrooms are limited to 9 students.  

For parents who would like to work with your child at home, you will receive emails from your child’s teachers with daily lesson plans. In addition, you will have access to instruction online for your child. Curriculum and or curriculum packets were sent home last week. If your child was absent, you may pickup their curriculum on Monday or Tuesday, March 23-24.  

Academy Parents, 6th – 12th grade:

Online classes are being prepared for MS and HS students at this time. These classes will begin on Wednesday, March 25.  Curriculum was sent home last week with each student.  If your child was absent, you may pickup their curriculum on Monday or Tuesday, March 23-24.  

Students currently enrolled in self-contained classrooms will receive an email from your teachers giving direction on camp-based learning and online options.

Changes to our Daily Routine:

All students with underlying health conditions are strongly encouraged to stay home through April 15.

Upon arriving on campus our staff and students will have their temperature taken daily.  Anyone with 100.4 degrees or higher will not be allowed to enter the building. 

Parents are asked to drop their children at the front door. You will be greeted by a warm smile and your child will be welcomed each day.  

Each staff and child will be asked to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer upon arrival.  Of course this will take place several times throughout the day.

The mosaic of The Conrad Academy is already coming in view.  Parents, it is our commitment to you to provide a safe environment for your children every day. Especially in these seasons of uncertainty, be assured we will strive to be an encouragement to your children. 

Personally, my sense of being a grandmother is finely tuned to the look of shock, disbelief and even fear on many faces within our TCA Family.  I would give you a big hug, hold your hand while you cry a little and even let some of you yell at me for a moment or two.  But, the CDC’s guidelines tell me most of those acts of compassion are off limits.  Did you smile just a little? We will all get through this challenge.  We will come out stronger, and more appreciative of small things we may have taken for granted.  The most repeated command in scripture is “FEAR NOT”.  I have never personally counted them, but I am told it is repeated 365 times.  One for every day of the year.  Amazing.

Fear not, God is with us.  Thank you for your time and patience as we all walk down this new path together.

Mrs. Mills